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Cập nhật ngày: 22/06/2013
HOANG  QUANG  BINH, M.D - PhD of Ophthalmology.
      Full name:     HOANG QUANG BINH
      Family name:        Hoang
      Given name: Quang Binh
      Gender: male

      Date of birth: March 03rd, 1970

      Place of birth: Hung Long, Hung Nguyen, Nghe An, Vietnam

        Home Address: 62 Hai Ba Trung street, Can Tho City, VIETNAM
      Mobile:  0908.951.747
      Email: hoangquangbinh150@yahoo.com
      Marital status: married, one son.
      2018 :                      Ph.D of Ophthalmology
      2013 :                      Ph.D student of The Hanoi Medical University.
      1995 - 1998:           Master degree of ophthalmology, University of Medicine and
                                      Pharmacy of HCM city.
      1993 - 1995:           Ophthalmologist, completed 2-year ophthalmological residency at
                                      University of Medicine and Pharmacy of HCM city.            
      1987- 1993:            Doctor of medicine, Faculty of medicine, Can Tho University.
      2012-present     Deputy director of CanTho Eye and Odonto- Stomatology  Hospital.
      2004 - 2012       Chief of consulting room, Can Tho eye hospital, Can Tho city.            
                                      In the role of managing human affairs, ophthalmologist and surgeon.
                                      Teacher. Taught ophthalmology for nurses and medical students of 
                                      Can Tho University of medicine and Can Tho Secondary medical               
      1999 -  2004:          Training specialist. Instructed new techniques (cataract surgery) for
                                      the eye doctors in Tra Vinh province.
      1998 - 1999:           Teaching Assistant. Taught ophthalmology for Grade1- phthalmologist
                                      in Can Tho City.
      1995 - 1998:           Teacher. Taught ophthalmology for medical students,University of
                                      medicine and pharmacy of HCM City. Directed small groups of medical
                                      students practising in eye department, Cho Ray Hospital, HCM City.
       2004-2013:           The commendation of The Can Tho health servise.
       1986:                      The second prize of Mathematics, Can Tho province.
       1983:                      The third prize of Painting, Can Tho province.
       2010:         Lao
       2009:         USA
       2008 :        Parkistan
       2008 :        Thailand - Cambodia
       2006:         Practising and attending the 21st congress of the Asia-pacific Academy of
                          ophthalmology (APAO 2006), Singapore.
                          Attendind the TMT (Therapeutic Management Trend Symposium), Singapore.                       
       2005:          Certificate of hospital management, The health service of Ho Chi Minh City.                                             
       2004:          Practising and attending SEAGIG (South East Asia Glaucoma Interest Group)               
                           Kuala lumpur, Malaysia.
       2000:          Ultrasound  training Certification, Eye hospital of HCM city.
 Good at painting, pedagogy , skillfull of management.
     English communication: fluent
     English in the field of ophthalmology:good. Interpreter / Translator for the   
     symposiums of ophthalmology.
     International TOEFL score:  550.
     Institutional  TOEFL score:  613.
     French: good reading.
        2012:                            Deputy Secretary of Can Tho Eye and Odonto Stomatology  hospital Party Committee
2006:                            The vice secretary of the youth union in Can Tho eye hospital.                                                
1983:                            Karatedo club
1980:                            Taewondow club
   -   Application of multifocal lens for treatment of cataract - 2013
   -   The Myopic progression of the primary and secondary shool children in CT city - 2013
   -   OCT in high myopia - 2013
    -  Reserch and application of phaco in public -2010
    -  OCT in CSR - 2010
    -  Outcomes of primary pterygium excision with amniotic membrane transplantation -2008
    -  The antiobiotic resistance of bacteria causing the corneal ulcers- Hoang Quang Binh - 1997.
     The 27th Congress of  Medicine. The Medical Journal of HCM City, VIETNAM.
     Member, CT sponsoring association for the poor patients.
     Member, The Opthalmological Association of HCM, CT City.
     Member, The volunteer Young Doctor Team of CanTho City.
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